ZEG Products

ZEG mid-scale plant

ZEG Hxx Series

H2 production rate
10-50 TPD
H2 purity
99.999 %
CO2 capture rate
95-98 %
Use case
Industrial, transportation / clean fuel, biogas / carbon removal
TRL 8 Year (est.)

ZEG mid-scale Clean Hydrogen Plant

ZEG mid-scale plants are offered in 10-50 TPD capacity range, depending on customer requirements.

A ZEG H25 plant is planned to be the first product to be launched in the ZEG Hxx Series, in 2026-2027.

Mid-scale ZEG plants are well suited for distributed clean hydrogen production, but also for certain industrial applications.

Potential applications include the steel industry and the transportation segment where hydrogen is needed for clean fuel for maritime, trucks, train and air.

Further, ZEG mid-scale plants can also be suited for large-scale upgrading of biogas. If biogas is used as feedstock for the ZEG technology, and the captured biogenic CO2 is stored, carbon removal is achieved – adding a very attractive value to such use case.

ZEG small-scale

ZEG clean hydrogen plant with production capacity 1-5 TPD

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ZEG large-scale

ZEG clean hydrogen plant with production capacity >100 TPD

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