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The ZEG technology is highly scalable and ZEG plants can be provided at various production capacities, depending on customer requirements.

ZEG small-scale

ZEG clean hydrogen plant with production capacity 1-5 TPD

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ZEG mid-scale

ZEG clean hydrogen plant with production capacity 10-50 TPD

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ZEG large-scale

ZEG clean hydrogen plant with production capacity >100 TPD

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ZEG Solutions

Alternative ZEG Solutions are available for different applications. A ZEG plant can be provided as a stand-alone or as an integrated solution. The clean hydrogen from a ZEG plant can be used either directly as compressed or liquefied hydrogen, as clean fuel, or as input to other end products, critical for decarbonising, such as clean ammonia or methanol for industrial purposes.

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ZEG Industrial Solution

Industrial applications of hydrogen is today a significant market, globally, and is set for further growth. As such, it is considered a target market for ZEG, for both small and larger scale ZEG plants. Particular focus is on the so-called hard-to-abate industries, such as steel production. To decarbonize the steel industry, hydrogen is acknowleded as a key solution.

ZEG Climate+ Solution

If the hydrogen from a ZEG plant is produced from biogas, it has the very attractive feature that it can lead to a negative carbon footprint. By permanently storing the captured biogenic CO2, 100% clean hydrogen with carbon removal is achieved.

The robustness of the ZEG technology allows for direct use of biogas as feedstock, no need for biomethane upgrading step.

The biogas or carbon removal market is considered a very attractive nice market for ZEG small and medium-scale plants.

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ZEG Clean Power Solution

Clean hydrogen from a ZEG plant can also be utilized for clean power production, if integrated with a turbine or fuel cell (SOFC).

This was indeed ZEG’s initial business idea, and the origin of the ZEG Power company name.

A fully integrated ZEG Power Solution can enable clean power from gas, to be utilized in either residential or industrial applications.

A ZEG Clean Offshore Power Solution can be used to decarbonize offshore oil and gas installations.

ZEG Clean Fuel Solution

The transport and mobility sector is currently experiencing a major transition to clean fuel. New legislation and regulations are implemented to incentivise the shift to clean fuel, both for personal cars, heavy duty trucks, trains, maritime and air.

Integrated with a refuelling station, ZEG can provide cost efficient clean fuel for any end user in the mobility sector.

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