Our Solutions

The ZEG technology can be used for different applications, and with different input gas. Both natural gas and biogas resources can be used. If the hydrogen from a ZEG plant is produced from natural gas, it is categorized as clean or blue hydrogen. If biogas is used, it has the very attractive feature that it can lead to a negative carbon footprint.

ZEG Clean Hydrogen Solution

ZEG Clean Hydrogen Solutions enables clean hydrogen from natural gas due to the innovative ZEG ICC™ Technology with integrated CO₂ capture.

This solution is within the "blue hydrogen" category.

ZEG's aim is to provide an improved solution (a "better box") compared with other blue hydrogen solutions, due increased CO2 capture rate, increased overall efficiency, non-toxic carbon capture sorbent, and a reduction in plant footprint.

ZEG Clean Hydrogen Solution

ZEG Climate+ Solution™

In addition to natural gas and other hydrocarbon gases, ZEG plants can be based on locally available, biomass resources (gasified biomass, or biogas).

ZEG Climate+ Solution™ is based on biogas, enabling production of hydrogen and/or electric power with negative emissions. Negative emissions mean that an activity is a net remover of atmospheric CO₂.

ZEG has an ongoing cooperation with Bellona related to contributing to negative emissions. ZEG´s owner Nysnø has also a focus on so-called "red hydrogen" from biogas.