Sustainability is at the core of ZEG Power

HSE Policy

ZEG Power promotes safe, reliable and sustainable operations, and is committed to reduce the environmental impact associated with the company’s operations.


In ZEG Power we believe all incidents are preventable and continuously strive for “Target Zero” goals and objectives.

  • Zero harm to Personnell
  • Zero damage to Environment
  • Zero damage to Assets
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ZEG has as a mission to realize efficient and clean production of hydrogen or electricity and is founded on an ambition to be a contributor in reaching global climate targets.


ZEG supports and respect internationally proclaimed human and labour rights and shall ensure that the company, through its operations, does not cause any infringement of human and labour rights. At ZEG and in the interaction with customers and partners, everyone shall be treated with fairness, respect and dignity. Our employees shall expect a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.


At ZEG, good corporate governance is recognized as core to doing business. ZEG shall conduct its business with integrity, adhering to applicable laws, and respecting the cultures and rights of individuals regardless of where we operate.

Code of Conduct

In our endeavour to contribute to reaching global climate targets, we have implemented ZEG Code of Conduct, which describes how we work and the importance of working to a consistent and high set of standards.

We make sure that every employee is familiar and trained in the ZEG Code of Conduct, making it part of our culture, engraining it in our business DNA.

Environmental management in ZEG Power is the process of steering our organisation to take advantage of opportunities, avoid hazards, mitigate our interactions with the environment and prepare for the future by improving adaptability and resilience as an organization.

ZEG Power shall

  • Take responsibility to care for the environment around us
  • Commit ourselves to ensure that our activities have minimal impact on the environment and the climate

Everyone has a responsibility to minimize and limit the use of natural resources and materials, and to protect our environment from the environmental risks.

ZEG Power is certified according to ISO14001:2015.

See our certificate here
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ZEG Power shall deliver technology, products, and services of the right quality to fulfil our business purpose.  

 Everyone at ZEG Power will  

  • Take personal responsibility for own quality and performance, and support others to improve theirs by promoting a positive quality culture throughout our organization. 
  • Understand and comply with applicable laws, regulations, standards, client requirements and our own governance. 
  • Continuously assess and manage risks and opportunities that can impact or improve our ability to meet needs and expectations.
  • Openly communicate quality issues, and we strive to improve our performance. 
  • Share, learn and implement best practices in our Management System. 
  • Actively engage in continuous improvement by proposing improvement ideas, securing end-to-end flow efficiency to minimize non-value adding activities. 
  • Report deviations to learn and prevent future impact

ZEG Power is certified according to the ISO9001:2015 standard on quality management. 

See our certificate here
Building a deeptech company

Building a deeptech clean energy company requires determination and hard work over time. ZEG is a spinout from IFE, a recognized research institute in Norway, and is based on 20+ years of research and development (R&D).

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