ZEG provides clean hydrogen solutions

ZEG is a deep-tech company, based on 20+ years of research and development (R&D), with a breakthrough ZEG ICC™ technology, enabling compact, cost-efficient clean hydrogen production from natural gas, with integrated CO2 capture. The ZEG technology is an answer to the energy trilemma, it can enable both affordable and sustainable hydrogen in a reliable manner.

ZEG H1 plant at CCB Energy Park, Norway

Impact technology

The ZEG technology has significant impact potential as it efficiently produces hydrogen and simultaneously captures the associated CO2 generated in the process.

ZEG has long-term cooperation with leading consultancies to perform cost (LCOH) analysis and life cycle assessment (LCA) of the technology. The results show that hydrogen from a ZEG plant can be produced at very competitive cost and with ultra-low CO2 emissions, well below the current taxonomy requirements.

Our mission

is to realize efficient and clean production of hydrogen

Our vision

is to empower the world with clean energy

Enabling carbon removal

The robustness of the ZEG technology allows for carbon removal through the ZEG Climate+ solution where biogas is used as feedgas instead of natural gas. By permanently storing the captured biogenic CO2, 100% clean hydrogen with carbon removal is achieved.

The biogas or carbon removal market is considered a very attractive nice market for small and mid-scale ZEG plants.

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Building a deeptech company

Building a deeptech clean energy company requires determination and hard work over time. ZEG is a spinout from IFE, a recognized research institute in Norway, and is based on 20+ years of research and development (R&D).

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The ZEG team

ZEG has built up a competent and high-performing team with extensive technical expertise and energy industry experience and a solid track-record of building profitable deep tech businesses.

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Our owners

ZEG is proud of our owners, including lead investor SLB, AP Ventures, Nysnø Climate Investment Fund, IFE Invest, Stratel, Sparx Group (Mirai Creation Fund II), Danske Invest and Nordea Asset Management. ZEG employees and Board members are also investors in ZEG.

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