Our Projects


Collaboration with Transitus Energy (UK, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland and Norway)

ZEG and Transitus Energy have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with the purpose of exploring joint opportunities related to the production of clean hydrogen and power.
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Plant at CCB Energy Park, Kollsnes

Commercial expansion plan, CCB Energy Park, Kollsnes (Norway)

ZEG and strategic partner H2 Production is collaborating to establish significant capacity for clean hydrogen production from gas at CCB Energy Park, Kollsnes, enabled by ZEG’s innovative ZEG technology, with integrated CO₂ capture.
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ZEG pilot plant testing, IFE Hynor, Lillestrøm (Norway)

ZEG and R&D partner IFE is collaborating on various projects involving the ZEG pilot plant at IFE Hynor.
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