CCB Energy Park, Norway

ZEG and H2 Production has entered into strategic cooperation to establish significant capacity for clean hydrogen production from gas at CCB Energy Park at Kollsnes, enabled by ZEG’s innovative ZEG ICC™ Technology, with integrated CO₂ capture.

First step of the expansion is to install and put into operation a first ZEG H1 plant in CCB Energy Park, next to the Northern Lights onshore CO₂ terminal at Kollsnes, in 2023. The project is well underway and has received a 77 million NOK grant from Enova.

The next step is to deploy a ZEG H25 plant in 2026. The longer-term target is large scale production in 2030.

By the ZEG technology, clean hydrogen will be produced, and the carbon will be captured and stored at the same location.

ZEG views the partnership with H2 Production and the strategic location at Kollsnes as an ideal starting-point for executing the company's fast-track strategy to large scale ZEG plants, demonstrating the ZEG technology’s true potential.

The target is large scale clean utilization of natural gas, leading to true climate savings that are significant and relevant for Norway and Europe.