The Norwegian authorities are investing heavily in hydrogen and the ZEG technology

The Research Council of Norway and international companies are now investing in ZEG Power's unique ZEG ICC TM technology for emission-free hydrogen production with integrated CO2 capture. ZEG Power was awarded NOK 16 million in December by the Research Council of Norway to scale up the ZEG technology to a ZEG H10-50 technology platform. This involves the development of ZEG plant concepts with the capacity to produce 10-50 tonnes/day of emission-free hydrogen. A number of renowned Norwegian and international companies including Siemens Energy are part of the project consortia. The project is an important step towards realization of large-scale, cost-effective and sustainable hydrogen production.

"This is very motivating for us," says ZEG Power's CEO, Arild Selvig. "With this first-class consortia, I strongly believe that we will provide commercial large-scale commercial ZEG plants to the market. The goal is to realize the first ZEG H15 in 2023, and the first large-scale plant from 2025 onwards. The success of our technological developments will be an important contribution to energy transition and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions both on land and on the Norwegian continental shelf in the years ahead", he adds.  

ZEG Power and its partners were awarded IPN funding, which is a programme within the Research Council of Norway for company-led projects. The grant will make a significant contribution to renewal and increased value creation for ZEG Power, its partners and society. Special Advisor at the Research Council of Norway Åge Stangeland emphasises that hydrogen will be an important priority area for Norway in the years to come and that the ZEG technology is one of several important contributions in the creation of new hydrogen value chains in Norway.

Norwegian and international companies and leading research groups are taking part in the project

The companies Siemens Energy, Sevan, Höegh LNG, Kanfa and CCB Energy are involved in the project. In addition, the important and renowned research institutions in Norway such as IFE, the University of Oslo and Sintef Industry are included. Siemens Energy wants to be a leading international sustainable energy company.  Siemens Energy finds the ZEG technology very exciting and believes that this technology can be important in converting natural gas into hydrogen. On the Norwegian continental shelf such a conversion can contribute to a sharp reduction in the petroleum sector's CO2 emissions   Sevan is another partner with high expectations for the technology.

“The Sevan team is excited to be part of the consortium, and we are looking forward to contribute with our floater expertise to find the best solutions for offshore hydrogen production” Says Alf-Roger Skikstein, Managing Director of Sevan SSP.

ZEG Power is now completing the first industrial plant at CCB Energy Park

ZEG Power is now completing the work on a first industrial ZEG H1 plant for H2 Production at CCB Energy Park outside Bergen. . The plant will produce 1 tonne of hydrogen per day. The work is on schedule and hydrogen production is expected to start at the end of 2022. "The development of the ZEG technology has been going on for 20 years," says Arnstein Norheim. He is ZEG Power`s Chief Technology Officer.

"With the award of this IPN project including partners, the scale-up work from a the ZEG H1 plant to a full-scale facility will be much more efficient. The experienced partners bring their perspectives and in-depth knowledge into the project", says Norheim. He is also very pleased with the Norwegian Research Council support. “That gives us great recognition”, Norheim adds.

Norway is investing in hydrogen

The new Government continues the Norwegian commitment to hydrogen. ENOVA's award of more than NOK 1 billion last week to Yara, Horisont Energi and Tizir is one important example of what is expected to come in the near future.

“Norway has great opportunities in clean hydrogen. The ZEG technology can make a strong contribution in realizing the potential of hydrogen as one of the cornerstones in the energy system of Norway as well as the rest of the world”, Norheim concludes.

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