Our game changing technology

The ZEG ICC™ Technology

The ZEG ICC™ Technology is based on an optimised and intensified steam methane reforming technology called Sorption Enhanced Reforming (SER).

ZEG advantages

Hydrogen production from gas with integrated carbon capture.
No-toxic carbon capture sorbent.

By introducing a solid sorbent in the reformer, pre-combustion carbon capture is enabled, enhancing hydrogen production yield.

Simpler setup with fewer reactors results in lower CAPEX and OPEX compared with current technology.
And a reduction in plant footprint.

System is fuel flexible and can be configured for different outputs (hydrogen or electricity), at increasing scale.

The ZEG technology is verified through feasibility studies and pilot plant realisation and testing and is protected by knowhow and trade secrets developed over two decades of extensive research. ZEG has seven patent families in total, including 31 approved patents, and 30+ patents in process.


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