Superior efficiency, game changing technology

ZEG delivers solutions for clean hydrogen production from gas, through its novel ZEG ICC™ Technology with integrated carbon capture. Combined with turbine or fuel-cell, ZEG can deliver solutions for clean power production.

A provider of hydrogen production plants

ZEG's target is to ease the technology swap and enable end users to replace their usage of fossil energy with clean hydrogen.
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Leading the way to a carbon free future

For the industries we serve, our client’s abilities to decarbonize while increasing production and efficiency will determine their growth and role in a more sustainable future.
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Business update

Norway’s first industrial hydrogen plant with integrated CO2 capture

ZEG has entered into an agreement with H2 Production (CCB) for the purchase of the first ZEG H1 plant.
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ZEG awards EPC contract to Zeton in the Netherlands for the world’s first clean hydrogen production plant with integrated CO₂-capture

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ZEG recognized as a Sustainability Gamechanger

Megadeals Advisory has recently released the “Sustainability Gamechangers – Nordic top 50” report.
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Plant at CCB Energy Park, Kollsnes

CCB Energy Park, Kollsnes

ZEG and strategic partner CCB is collaborating to establish significant capacity for clean hydrogen production from gas at CCB Energy Park, Kollsnes, enabled by ZEG’s innovative ZEG technology, with integrated CO₂ capture.
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IFE Hynor, Lillestrøm

ZEG and R&D partner IFE is currently collaborating on a project involving the ZEG pilot plant at IFE Hynor. The purpose of the project is to obtain long-term sorbent and catalyst performance data.
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