ZEG Products

ZEG large-scale plant

ZEG Hxxx Series

H2 production rate
100 – 1000 TPD
H2 purity
99.999 %
CO2 capture rate
95-98 %
Use cases
Industrial, clean power
TRL 8 Year (est.)

ZEG large-scale Clean Hydrogen Plant

ZEG large-scale plants will be offered in 100-1000 TPD capacity range, depending on customer requirements.

A ZEG H300 plant is planned to be the first product to be launched in the ZEG Hxxx Series, in 2029-2030.

A large-scale plant can be configured either as a standalone production plant or a plant consisting of 2-3 modules (trains), resulting in up to 1000 TPD capacity.

Large-scale ZEG plants are suited for centralized clean hydrogen production, typically for industrial applications.

Potential applications include the current main users of hydrogen, the ammonia and chemical industry, but also new users of clean hydrogen who are looking to decarbonize their operations, such as the steel industry.

Using the hydrogen for clean power production is also a target application for large-scale ZEG plants, by integration with turbines or fuel cells (SOFCs).

ZEG small-scale

ZEG clean hydrogen plant with production capacity 1-5 TPD

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ZEG mid-scale

ZEG clean hydrogen plant with production capacity 10-50 TPD

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