ZEG awards EPC contract to Zeton in the Netherlands for the world’s first clean hydrogen production plant with integrated CO₂-capture

ZEG Power AS (ZEG) has awarded the contract for engineering, procurement and construction services to Zeton for the first ZEG H1 plant. The plant will have a hydrogen production capacity of approximately 1 tonne/day from natural gas, with fully integrated carbon capture, and is planned to be commissioned and operational at the end of 2022. The plant will be installed at CCB Energy Park in Øygarden municipality on the west coast of Norway. The plant will be sold to and operated by H2 Production.

An important step in supplying the world with sustainable blue hydrogen

“This contract award marks a milestone in ZEG’s history, as an important stepping-stone towards commercialization and global rollout of the innovative ZEG ICCTM technology, and ultimately the supply of clean hydrogen to international markets,” Arild Selvig, CEO in ZEG, says. “Blue hydrogen is the fastest and most cost-effective way to supply the world market with the vast volumes of hydrogen the world needs if we are to reach the climate goals of the Paris agreement”, Selvig adds.

Long term cooperation

The award of the EPC contract to Zeton is a result of long-term cooperation and joint development of an industrial ZEG production unit for clean hydrogen based on the proprietary ZEG technology with integrated carbon capture (ZEG ICCTM technology).

“With a global focus on development of clean energy resources for a more sustainable future, we are excited to continue our journey with ZEG Power”, Johan ter Harmsel, Managing Director of Zeton says.

”In the period prior to this project award, both teams have extensively explored the options to combine ZEG Power’s deep knowledge on the process together with our vast experience in executing this project on the basis of a modularized approach. Due to this approach, the entire site preparation can be executed in parallel with the pre-assembly of the plant, resulting in shorter overall delivery time of the entire project.” Ter Harmsel, adds.

“We highly value our close partnership with Zeton, which has developed over the last three years, and we strongly believe that Zeton is the best partner in the realisation of the first commercial ZEG hydrogen production plant.” Arild Selvig, CEO in ZEG, says in a comment.

Zeton was selected as ZEG’s trusted partner for this strategic project due to the company’s deep understanding of the ZEG technology and their impressive competence and track record. Zeton is a leader in design and fabrication of first-of-a-kind systems and will act as the system integrator in the project. They are highly experienced in efficient execution of projects with innovative process related technologies of this scale. The construction of the plant is now starting while the preparedness on the site has been going on for some time.

The CEO’s of Zeton and ZEG Power, Johan ter Harmsel and Arild Selvig are pleased with their long term relationship and the new contract.

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