An industrial provider of hydrogen production plants

ZEG is an industrial provider of hydrogen production plants that can be used to exploit natural gas in a clean way, or achieve negative carbon emissions through use of biogas.

ZEG's target is to ease the technology swap and enable end users to replace their usage of fossil energy with clean hydrogen.

Hydrogen and carbon capture and storage are solutions the world needs now. These solutions are identified as key to achieve global climate goals.

ZEG is currently in the process of building the first commercial ZEG hydrogen production plant in Norway. This could mean the beginning of the end for Norway as large-scale exporter of climate emissions, at the same time as we preserve and ensure industrial job creation in Norway.

The same technological group who build and operated one of the world´s first nuclear reactors, revolutionized the world´s offshore industry and made it possible to trade electric power on the stock exchange is also behind the ZEG technology. The Norwegian industrial adventure is over 100 years old. The Norwegian hydrogen adventure may ensure that it will last for many years to come.

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